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Future Vision is dedicated to developing and providing the best computer assisted behavioral and medical biometric assessment, profiling and diagnostic aids base on the study of Dermatoglyphics. We also provide training to Dermatoglyphics Consultants in advanced and innovative research methods, undertakes high-quality interdisciplinary research, and disseminates research findings that address significant global challenges.

We are dedicated to develop a reliable and tested character and behavioral assessments suitable for use in human resource placement in industry, military, and commerce, education, personal adjustments, forensic sciences & career development. These assessments are based upon the individual biometric traits that one is born with. With the broad goal we provide a platform for collaboration across the applied sciences of Dermatoglyphics.


The brand is backed by entrepreneurs with proven track records in the field of technical education and professional Counselling. The consortium of the entrepreneurs has more than 550 learning centers in 8 states across India and has been successfully Counselling students. More than 35,000 students are enrolled under the consortium. The sister-concerns are into national and International course recruitments services also and have offices in UK and Australia.

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